The Best Brands for Dinnerware

When looking to purchase utensils for your kitchen and pieces for your table, you have to be able to determine if they are functional, durable and of high quality? At the same time, the choice of cutlery and glassware goes beyond these base factors; it is also a way through which you can express yourself. Colourful pieces might seem out of sorts during a formal dinner, but they can be a way to show your boldness or stubbornness.

To complete an outfit, you need to pick jewellery, shoes, a belt or a handbag that matches. Glassware is to your dinnerware what a watch is to your suit. Among other things, this article will explain what to look out for when purchasing dinnerware and glassware for your everyday use and special occasions.

What to look out for when Purchasing Dinnerware

What kind of dinnerware is suitable for you?

This is the question you have to answer when looking to purchase dinnerware for your table. Are you single? Do you entertain? Do you have kids? You will likely need more dinnerware if you host often, depending on the number of people you host. At the same time, durable materials will be ideal for everyday use, especially in a household with kids.

  1. a) The Material of the Dinnerware

The material of your dinnerware is the first thing to consider when browsing. Bone china is a dishwasher safe, chip-resistant, elegant, lightweight and durable material, and this makes its dinnerware ideal for regular use. It can also grace your table on special occasions because of its fine features, which are accentuated by the luminescent glow it produces.

The choice of melamine as the material for your dinnerware is particularly wise; they are shatterproof and neither break nor chip. Melamine dinnerware is the king of unofficial parties where it is you and some casual friends or family members. Later, you can pop all the plates into the dishwasher.

Porcelain and earthenware dinner sets are versatile and durable and are ideal for casual and official parties, and constant family use. Porcelain is durable, fine and lightweight without being delicate. Earthenware is sturdy and weighty; however, it is susceptible to damage if exposed to high-temperature changes.

  1. b) Space

Your dishes will be stored in cupboards and shelves. It is important to ensure that there is enough space to store all of your dishes correctly. When you purchase sets that are dishwasher-safe, make a point to check that your dishwasher is big enough for them.

  1. c) Buy Enough Pieces for Everyone

If you live alone and rarely host people in your house, a few pieces are acceptable. On the other hand, do not suffer embarrassment in front of your guests when you realise that you are 7 wine glasses short. Look at your lifestyle, predict how it is likely to change in a few months or years and then purchase enough pieces for everyone who will find their way into your house.

  1. d) Get Creative with Open Stock Options

Dinnerware is typically sold in sets; where you get a set number of plates, bowls and mugs. Where you do not appreciate this kind of rigidity, you can choose to mix and match or get just a few pieces through the open stock section.

The Choice of Glassware

What’s in the glass? This is the only question you need to answer when browsing for your glassware. During dinner, glasses may contain beer, cocktails, wine, champagne, whiskey, salad, or nuts. Picking out glassware for your beer depends on how much beer you drink, what kind of style you have, how many people drink in your house and how regularly they come.

LSA International specialises in glassware, and their catalogue contains all your glass needs from decorations to dinnerware. The choices in the summer cocktails include mixologist stirrers, gin cocktail glasses, martini glasses, tumblers and highball. Serving trays and bar jugs are available in the relaxed hosting section while bowls, domes, and platters grace the serve selections.

The glasses at LSA international are durable, but like any delicate materials, ensure that when in use, there is no high potential for an accident. Their storage has to be kept safe and out of children’s hands.

Carefully pick out your dinnerware the next time you are shopping and make setting the table for your family or guests an exciting experience for you.