Different furniture in different rooms:

Every room has its own look. For example, if you talk about a bad room display interior designers want to design that bedroom into the most peaceful place of your house, as an individual spends most of the time in the bedroom for comfort and relaxation. Comfort doesn’t mean you go out of fashion, in modern furniture also there are many different kinds of designs in a bedroom set with a natural color that gives your bedroom the look of modern with simplicity. According to the research low platform bad with nude shades create the Ambience of relaxation, comfort and it also has people to enjoy their quality time of sleep. Your bedroom look also depends on your personality if you are the more extrovert person you might like Royal or giant furniture, whereas introvert people mostly choose light color combinations with a simple look to feel cozy. So for an Interior Designer, it is very important to understand the mentality and the nature of your customer in order to fulfill their requirements.

What is meant by the signature look?

As we have already discussed before the signature look of every individual interior designer. Every talented and experienced interior designer has their signature style; every one of them has a different way to place the furniture and the decoration piece. They have different preferences; they also do differ in the choice of shape, size, color or design of furniture. A professional designer has complete knowledge about the use of well-positioned, quality of furniture and efficient manage of space in the room. Customers mostly depend on those designers who not just focus their designs but they want to ensure the furniture they need should also match their client requirements.

Different types of shelves for different uses:

Now a day Wall shelves [ชั้น ไม้ ติด ผนัง , which is the term in Thai], book shelves, file cabinets and many different decoration cabinets  are used in living rooms or in study rooms Because it gets very difficult to manage every detail. And usually a lot of documents scattered all over and messed up with in seconds. File cabinets will help to keep them orderly. As well as make your place look more beautiful.