All About the Installation of the Air Conditioners

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Splits system air conditioners or the refrigerator cooler are great options when it comes to keeping the indoors comfortable and relaxed during excessive heat. The USP of split systems is, they are ductless, which makes a direct point of installing the system inside. Also, it leaves the compressor and condensers for the outside unit and then runs a power cable in between the groups. 

The general Aircon installation process is as follows:

Selection of the Correct Location

It is vital to select an unobstructed location on the interiors of the wall to help to mount the indoor systems. A proper hole needs to be cut through the wall to feed all the pipes right from the indoor to the outdoor units. Hence, the location chosen should provide room for such holes. A spot should be selected, which is farfetched from the access of any sunlight heating sources to generate maximum results. 

Secure the Mounting Plate to the Interior Walls

The mounting plate needs to appropriately held against the walls, where the air conditioner needs installation. By using a level, one can make sure if it is both in vertical or horizontal levels. A pencil uses to create a mark on the locations of the holes on the screw, then gradually remove the plate and start drilling the hole into the wall. The dish needs proper positioning to match up to the pits; then, there is a plastic anchor who needs proper positioning into the holes. In the end, the plate is secured to the wall with the help of tapping screws. 

Drill a 3 in the Hole Through the Wall

Make sure before installing, a 3 in (7.6 cm) hole is drilled through the wall so that the pipes can feed outside. A mark needs to be made right at the center on the mounting plate. A keyhole saw can use to create this circular 3 in a hole or an opening right through the wall, which is seen sloping downwards slightly towards the ground to ensure proper drainage. 

One also needs to make sure that the wall is free from all wires and pipes before drilling the hole. 

Keep a Check on the Electrical Connections

The front panel of the Air conditioner’s unit needs to be lifted and removed from the cover. During the installation process, it is vital to make sure that these cable wires adequately connected to all the screw terminals, and the cord have to match to the diagrams of the unit. 

Run the Cables and Pipes Through the Hole in the Wall

Once the drilling process is over, the next is to secure the power cables, copper pipes, or the drain pipes all together with the help of electric tape. These pipes need to be placed at the bottom to ensure free water flow. Then run these pipes through the holes and secure them to designate the spots on the indoor units.  

Hence, if the above-stated steps are properly used, then the installation becomes easy.