Looking for the Best Sewing Machine? Go for the Best Choice


In a society where the patriarchy remains despite the emancipation of women and the movements of equalization of conditions, we too often assimilate sewing to an exclusively female activity, as if the men could do everything except make clothes and take care of the house.

Making a hand-sewn garment prevents obsolescence of torn or torn fabrics: with a good sewing device, there is no need to buy a garment again.

Only you will have to learn to sew, then choose your sewing machine according to very specific criteria: electronic sewing machine or mechanical sewing machine?

According to the expert, the average time to practice sewing (in 2010, in minutes per day) increased with age: from 1 minute between 30 and 40 years to 3 minutes beyond 50 years, we go to 6 minutes a day after age 70.

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Choose your machine according to the type of sewing to be done

It’s like buying a guitar: there is no point in buying a state-of-the-art Takamine or a gypsy lutherie guitar if you just want to learn about music. Using the best monogram sewing machine is much needed there.

What types of fabrics can my sewing material sew?

Which machine can best make a red bag, a travel bag or a sports bag?

In sewing, it’s the same. The type of machine to choose will be different depending on the frequency of use and the seams to be created or produced:

  • Depending on whether you are a beginner or have an advanced and experienced level,
  • Depending on whether you want to sew and embroider on Sunday or every day of the week,
  • Whether you have to do small alterations, small creations or redo your wardrobe.
  • Before buying your new machine, you have to think about how you are going to use it.
  • A beginner who plans to sew intermittently, or a beginner seamstress will not need a state-of-the-art professional sewing machine.

First criterion to compare: the stitch

  • There are different stitches are like the straight stitch, the zigzag stitch, the invisible stitch, the reinforced straight stitch, the reinforced zigzag, etc., but you start talking about stitching when you are already initiated.
  • It is therefore easy to understand that a beginner seamstress does not need a war machine equipped with 150 stitches, especially since all the machines are by default equipped with basic stitches (straight stitch and zigzag) already allowing to have fun.

On the other hand, to release your creative ideas or acquire a more sophisticated level, a slightly more sophisticated machine will allow you to evolve and progress over time.

For example, to make clothes, it will be necessary to use a sewing machine allowing to work all the fabrics (jeans, fabrics, stretch fabrics, etc.) and with which one can make a pretty buttonhole and beautiful retouches on dresses, skirts (with an invisible hem stitch, please!) or pants.