My Roof Warranty: What It Is And What It Covers

It is a big decision to spend on a new roof for your house. If something goes wrong, there’s a possibility you’re going to face a lot of home problems and the money is going to be at risk. This is why it is very important to get new roofs with guarantees nowadays. Warranties will definitely support a certain homeowner when he finds a problem with the roof they purchased.

Roof insurance consists of two types: one where it is issued to the homeowner by the manufacturer and the other where it is issued by the roofer. Every insurance has its own inclusions which is why it is really important that you know these two.

Many homeowners typically pay attention to the roof guarantee period without having the additional info or warranty inclusions taken. Take a closer look at the kind of warranties that you should take advantage of for your roof, and what each is.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

This warranty is given by manufacturers to the homeowners.

Manufacturer’s Material Warranty

This form of warranty only covers fabrication defects and premature deterioration. This is a form of warranty known for its free or low fee bid.

Full-system warranty

The insurance includes flaws in the roofing material as well as labor.

Workmanship Warranty

This form of warranty is restricted only to incorrect roofs handling and installation.

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To know more about roof warranties, check out this infographic.