An air conditioner is an equipment that’s sole purpose is to cool the indoor air. That’s all there is to it. The air conditioner has a monitor that regulates the temperature of the air circulating within a closed space. It comes with a setup filter which subtly removes the pollutants and airborne dust or other particles before the air is thrown out into a room. They can be practically called dehumidifiers because when temperature is reduced the moisture or humidity reduces, thereby making it considerably dryer.

And for the same reason’s companies attach drains and moisture collecting tubs near or with the air conditioning unit. This also explains why there is a water discharge from the air conditioner on moderately humid days.

What are the major parts of an air conditioning unit?

Down is a list with a brief description of them most important component of an air conditioner:

  1. evaporator: the receiver of liquid refrigerant
  2. condenser: the component that causes heat transfer
  3. expansion valve: responsible for regulating the flow into the evaporator component
  4. compressor: a pump for pressurizing the refrigerant.

The air conditioner has cold side which contains an evaporator unit along with a fan that blows air into the chilled coils and into the room. The hotter side is a compressor, condenser and one more fan to vent the hot air to the compressed refrigerant to the outdoors. In between, the two coil sets there is  valve called the expansion valve. The function of it is to regulate the volume of compressed liquid refrigerant that moves into the evaporator.

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