When Is The Best Time To Inspect Storm Drainage Systems?

Most people don’t pay close attention to their community’s storm drainage system because as long as it is draining, it’s all good. However, the moment floodwaters start to rise, community members will realize the true value of a well-maintained storm drain.

Waiting until the area is flooded or until the local water source is contaminated means it is too late to act. Regularly inspecting the storm drainage system ensures they continue to work as designed, for as long as possible. When is the best time to get the drainage system inspected?

Here are some factors worth considering:

Factor #1: The Local Regulations

Every town, city, or county has its own local rules and regulations on when the storm drains should be inspected by the municipal pipe repair, Houston, TX contractors. A close-knit community with an active local government will ensure that the drains are regularly inspected and repairs are made as soon as possible.

If you are concerned about the state of the storm drains in your area, bring it up with the next community meeting.

Factor #2: Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Sometimes guessing at the right time to get the storm drainage system checked by a municipal pipe repair, Houston, TX expert is too risky. Thankfully, there should be a guide provided by the manufacturer or contractors of the storm drain. The guide should be used as a basis on when and how often to check, repair, and replace the system previously installed.

Factor #3: Location

The location of the storm drain, as well as the area of the community, can also affect the frequency of the inspections. There are areas in the country that are more prone to sediment buildup, debris collection, and even the possibility of contaminants entering the water system.

If this is the case, the filter of the storm drainage system will require cleaning and even replacing at least twice a year. Investing in expert inspection twice a year is a small price to pay for the safety of everyone in the community.

Factor #4: Local Climate

Weather patterns of the town or county must also be considered when planning to schedule all future storm drainage system inspections. Generally, it is advisable to hire the inspectors to check on the system before the rainy season starts to ensure there are no clogs that will lead to flooding.

After the rainy season is over, another inspection should follow. This inspection is to determine whether the drainage system requires cleaning due to debris brought by the rains. As long as the drains are checked during these important changes in weather, the risk of flooding can be greatly reduced.

Factor #5: Inspector Safety

It is never safe for an inspector to enter the drainage system when the rains are very strong or if the snowfall is very harsh. Work with the local contractors and plan a schedule for drain checks that work best for the inspector and the community. A local Houston, TX contractor will gladly accommodate your request for a storm drainage system inspection to help keep the community safe.

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