Why Mixing Color in Your Home Design Is a Good Idea

Choosing a new color to paint the different rooms in your home can be a very challenging process. Interior designers have offered tips and ideas over the decades to make remodeling your home an easy, stress-free, and quick decision once you lay your eyes on the hundreds of colors that stores and painters have to offer. 

One thing that is important to remember is that your choosing of color doesn’t need to be limited to one or two colors. Here are some tips to mix different colors for the walls of your home.

Classic colors will never be out of style

Don’t be afraid of using traditional colors for different rooms in your home. A warm light color of grey or a simple white works great in your bedroom, living room, or dining room. Light colors brighten more with the glimpse of sunlight shining through your home’s windows and pairs perfectly with a traditional or modern style of home.

Achieve a sophisticated look with dark paint

There are a seemingly endless number of potential Uses For Dark Paint. Dark colors are versatile when it comes to creating different moods in your home. Dark paints can help you create an intimate mood in the bedroom or a dramatic warming effect in a living space.  

Don’t shy away from using a chic colored dark grey or mixing dark colors together such as a deep forest green color with a touch of deep greyish-blue color to enhance the colors shining off of your book collection in your living room.

Don’t underestimate the power of using paint colors inspired by nature

A floral color or a feminine touch of pink is not only for the walls of one of your child’s bedrooms. 

Bring a sense of brightness and comfort by choosing a color of a flower that you have always loved. Lavender, peach, or golden nectar colors will always be a great choice for transitional colors for any room in your home. Whether your choice of décor is French country or a rustic boho-chic style, a lovely color inspired by blooming plants will blend in perfectly without overshadowing your art pieces.

Embrace your love for all the different shades

Mixing several colors to paint the walls of the different rooms in your home can seem risky, but with today’s modern décor paired with many designers’ desire to bring boldness into interior design makes it easier for us to experiment. Mixing a hint of sage and dark gray in your bathroom will add rustic modern touch. Give a sense of cohesion through creating a color palette for your living room by adding dark colored blue and burgundy for a sleek and modern room.

Turn a plain wall to a stunning ombre wall

The popular hair dying technique known as ombre can be used for anything that involves mixing colors. Give your wall a makeover by expressing your artistic skills through mixing different dark and light colors together or by simply choosing a single color such as orange and slowly turning it into a light color. There are no rules when it comes to your adventure with choosing ombre for your home walls.