Real Estate As An Investment

9 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Without Buying Property In 2019

With the current low interest rates, everyone is looking for sensible investments that promise good returns in the long term. Many therefore swear off cash or savings accounts and invest their money either in precious metals or in real estate. There are several ways to secure a good return or even a pension subsidy:

Investment Multi-family House

The apartment building is a classic investment. As a resident of his own apartment building, he not only lives free of rent, but also increases the monthly rent. But an apartment building also means a lot of work, because the more tenants there are, the greater the demand for repairs, problems and requests for help. There is also always a risk of vacancy, so that the landlord must constantly keep an eye on his surroundings and the potential target group of his tenants. As an example, an apartment building near the university or in Condo near Chao Phraya River (คอนโด ติดแม่น้ําเจ้าพระยา which is the term in Thai) can be a great place for student shared apartments. Students come and go, cheap apartments and rooms are in demand. Calculate all of this with such a type of investment.

Investment Single Family House

Inhabiting a house is not a classic way, but it is always in demand. As the owner of such an investment, you can be sure that the family will live there for many years if the rental conditions are good. A family with young children are good tenants, because parents are reluctant to tear children out of their everyday lives from schools, club life and friends. In this way, you will avoid the arduous search for property for many years and have a secure additional income.

Investment Care Real Estate

A capital investment unknown to us until a few days ago is the investment in nursing homes, such as nursing homes and old people’s homes. Due to the aging society in Germany, the demand for nursing places is very high. The risk of loss of rent is low, since the state is responsible for securing care in the event of missing income for nursing patients.