5 Reasons Why Car Keys Stop Working

It is a worse matter when your car key does not work. We all had one of those days that you are hurrying to go to the office to attend an important meeting. Then, as soon as you try to unlock your car or even try to start it, you noticed that your car key is not running. At that time, you may try to figure out why the key is not working. The answer may come easily in your mind sometime, but when it is not the same, you are so frustrated.

If you find yourself in such a situation really that your car key is not working, rather than spending your valuable time, should contact an automobile locksmith for instant help. They are skilled and professional service providers, can immediately reach your place and save you from the trouble. To get an instant automobile services visit here.

  1. Damaged Lock

If you see that your car key is not working when you are trying to unlock your car, it may be for the car lock damaging. In the case of a modern car, the lock damaging is very rare for the presence of key fobs and keyless access systems. But, if you use the older model car, you still need to unlock your car door with a key, you may have already passed the lock issues.

Generally, the lock for a long time using can be worn down or damaged. This is not the only cause that the car lock damaging from using a long time, besides, it is established on the exterior of the car. Because of this, the lock is pressurized by external forces as well as environmental changes. If you do not take care of the lock regularly it will be blocked by dirt and debris.

  1. Cracked Key

Cracked key also the major reason which is why you can not unlock your car. Sometimes, it may such that your key is broken for worn down. A damaged key is not broken all the time. Key is made from metal components that is why it is prone to wear and tear for regular use. People are not always careful about their keys and locks as in this, the keys are constantly forced in being damaged. If the keys constantly used by many people, then it may not operate the internal tools of the locks as in therefore you may face a lock issue.

  1. Defective Ignition Cylinder

The car key is not always along with your outside car door locks, it also works with the ignition system. If you see that your key is not working when it is put in the ignition, you should not think that your car key is damaged. It is possible to disable your car’s ignition system because a car runs by mechanical components. Though it seemed like magic in the prior time, it has been proved false by today’s science and technology. Car equipment is metallic, so these are prone to rusty and break down normally as well as the ignition cylinder is also no exception.

  1. Expired Key Fob Batteries

In the case of a key fob or keyless access system, the damaged batteries are a big reason why your car keys don’t work. It is a common problem that your batteries are worn out after a certain period, so, it is easy to diagnose the problem. If you remark your car is not responding after giving signals from your key fob, you have to assume the batteries are likely expired. However, there may have also other reasons why your key fob doesn’t work.

  1. The Key Was Not Programmed

Keyless entry remotes and transponder keys need to deal with programming while traditional keys don not need programming. Sometimes, you may notice that your car not responding despite signaling from your remotes or key fob, then you should check your keyless remotes or key fob rather than thinking your key is damaged. The digital key needs to work adjusted with your car, when is not such, they fail to work.