Great Solutions for the Right Landscaper is There Now

It is difficult to choose your landscaper to fit out your outdoor space. For more than 15 years, the number of so-called “landscaping” companies has grown steadily in France and in particular in Alsace, rising from just over 12,000 in 2002 to more than 28,000 in recent years.

A search in the yellow pages or on Google in your locality and its surroundings, will already greatly reduce this number, but you will still have a list still substantial. This is why, in this article, we offer 6 ways to help you choose your landscaper. Choosing the landscaping Bluffton SC service is important there.


  • Before you even search for a landscape company, there may be a name you know spontaneously. This name you have retained on a show, at friends, on advertisements, vehicles.
  • You may have already seen gardens made by this company during your walks.
  • The reputation of a company is not in itself a main criterion for your choice, but it proves that this landscaper is an important player in your sector. It reassures you about the sustainability of the business and that other people have trusted it before you.
  • This “physical” notoriety can be combined today with a “virtual” notoriety. You may find it easier to trust a business that appears on Google. Or even more to the one who is present and who participates on social networks.
  • Notoriety has a reassuring and reassuring side to all of these elements.

Choose your landscaper according to your work

If for small garden work, a company with less than 3 employees may be sufficient, for a complete garden layout or restructuring, this will undoubtedly be insufficient. A garden creation requires multiple skills, but also mobilizes a team permanently on your garden.

The specialized equipment required for landscaping work is often expensive and depreciable only by companies with significant human and material resources.

If the fellow landscapers are extremely versatile people, knowing how to move from carpentry to landscaping masonry, be careful all the same with companies offering too many services with few staff.

Likewise, many landscapers are now swimming pool designers, indeed this trade association can prove to be logical. But if there are very good landscapers-pool designers, not all have the perspective and experience that this dual skill requires.


The layout of a garden is also and above all a story of design, even if many technical considerations can come into play for the choice of your landscaper.

This must correspond to your needs and if possible anticipate them and this in a contemporary garden style, we mean by this “this year” and not from thirty years ago.

There are many landscapers whose garden design work comes down to following your guidelines and offers very few new ideas. However when you call on a landscaper worthy of the name, he must be a force of proposal to suggest the most suitable solutions for your land and your budget, even if they are completely contrary to the idea initial.

Finally ask to see examples of garden design, it is important to visualize the projects offered by this company. The designer can be very good, but if you, the client, do not understand anything about the project he is proposing, you will no doubt go your way.

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