How to Protect Your House from Burglars?

Are you afraid to leave your house attended or go on vacations due to the rise in the burglary? If yes, you don’t have to worry any more. Unoccupied houses have always been an initiation to burglars. But nowadays even occupied houses are not safe from them.

Every year almost 14 million house robbery cases are registered. And the number keeps on increasing every year. You will mostly find drug addict teenagers or junkies breaking and entering into houses for money.

Because of this, it’s no longer safe to leave your house unattended. Leaving alone is also a huge risk. These factors make your house vulnerable.

So, what should you do? The answer is simple, you need to improve the security of the house. In this post, we will show you different ways in which you can protect your house from burglars.

Ways to protect your house:

Here are some ways that can improve your home security.

Install good lock: The best way to remain safe and improve home security is by installing a good lock. Check for the best lock with your local locksmiths. You can get the best and latest lock with Locksmith Perth Company. You can install these strong and unbreakable locks to secure your front door as well as the back door.

  • Secure the back door, windows and other entrance:

The next thing you need to secure is all the entry and exit points, like windows, back doors, glass doors gates, etc. These are vulnerable spots. You need to cover these spots. Install strong doors with proper locks i.e. gate lock, glass door lock, back door lock, window lock.

  • Alarm system:

If you leave your house unattended often, make sure you install an alarm system. The alarm will ring if anyone tries to enter your house forcefully. The alarm company will get a notification if there is any issue. It will also protect your house from fire.

  • Intercom system:

You need to install an intercom system in tour house if you live alone. This way, you can check who is standing outside your door. In case of danger, you can quickly call 911. You can contact Locksmith Perth to install this for you.

  • CCTV Camera:

Install a CCTV camera outside your gate at a vantage point so that you can monitor any suspicious activity. It will also work as a proof to identify the burglars.

  • Ask the neighbors to check the house:

Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your house. You can also ask for friends or relatives to check the house from time to time. Similarly, you can also keep an eye on your neighbor’s house, if they are away.

  • Install Safes: 

If you have valuable things at your house like, gold, jewelry or cash; install a house-safe. You can keep these valuable items to protect them from burglars.


Follow all the above mentions ways to protect your house from burglars. The above-mentioned security system works a burglar repellant. If they find CCTV or high-tech lock outside your house, they will never enter it.