Natural Stone: A Material That Never Goes Out Of Style

We already know the latest decoration trends, and one of our favorites is natural stones. We can see it in different applications, from the most common and known, such as the floors, coatings or countertops in bathrooms and kitchens. Or also in other decorative elements such as tables, candleholders, lighting, frames, or even as device cases, wallpapers or jewelry. Would you like to know much more about the natural stone as a must-have? It is a material that never goes out of style, and offers authentic, unique and precious pieces.

It is not surprising that natural stone is one of the trending materials for this 2020, and although now much more enhanced by its use in different decorative applications, it is one of the most used elements for construction and decoration. Granite selection, quartz, marble, terrazzo; each with its uniqueness and natural beauty have become the trendiest in deco inspiration.

Marble And Terrazzo

During the past months, we have enjoyed two great materials as protagonists in the decoration sector. These are marble and terrazzo. And it is that these are two trends that have come back stomping in recent seasons, and that will continue to be present.

The unique design of the terrazzo, as well as the wide variety of finishes, from the most neutral to the most colorful tones, makes it an element that brings that touch of modernity, distinction and personality to the spaces. We have been able to find it from floors, to jewelry applications or even as protectors of mobile devices.

For its part, marble reveals that air of elegance, style and sobriety, providing an innovative and unique design to the most sophisticated environments. From kitchens, bathrooms, sconces and home decor, to furniture, this natural stone is one of our favorites!

Granite: A Timeless Stone

Although marble and terrazzo have been less used or demanded for some years, they have returned with force. A material that never goes out of style, and has always been present is granite.

Due to its hardness, resistance and quality, it is one of the most demanded natural materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops, coatings, or floors. Granite is a timeless stone. A material that will never cease to amaze us with such impressive designs.

Do you like the new trend of using natural stone as a decorative element for construction? If you are a decorator, interior designer, architect or stonemason, and want to bring that unique and special touch to your most demanding projects, consider using these natural stones.