How To Create A House Cleaning Schedule?

Having a house cleaning schedule and sticking into it can offer you a lot of benefits. On the one hand, it will keep you from frantic cleanings. On the other hand, scheduled cleaning will create less stress and more efficiency.

Want to do scheduled house cleaning? Want to create a feasible house cleaning schedule? We are going to ease this process for you below.

Setting Your home Cleaning Schedule’s Length:

First and foremost, determine how long your schedule should be? It can long for a week, two-weeks or a month. As per recommendation, a one month or four-week schedule will work best since you could add your everyday and monthly tasks in it.

Make A Task List:

Walkthrough all of the rooms in your house and start listing the cleaning tasks room by room. Also, include your hallways, stairways, and entryways cleaning in your cleaning task list.

You monthly home cleaning task list can include the following;

  • Cleaning the toilets biweekly
  • Mopping the floors four times a week
  • Wiping down kitchen appliances and fronts of cabinets thrice a month.
  • Dusting books, knickknacks, blinds, windowsills, lampshades photo frames, and furnitureonce a week.

As far as your regular cleaning schedule is concerned, you can skip the rooms you don’t often use, e.g., guest room, storeroom, etc. Instead, you can clean them seasonally or when required.

Decide On Frequency:

You know your house best, so deciding which room requires cleaning often is up to you. Your living area/kitchen/bathroom may require cleaning on a daily basis. While your bedroom/drawing room/lawn may need to be cleaned twice or thrice a week.

Utilize Your Availability To The Max:

If you are mostly free at weekends, you can schedule most of your cleaning tasks in those days. For instance, dusting the doorframes and cleaning the doors of all the rooms on Saturdays. Or cleaning the oven, stove, and range hood in the kitchen on Sundays, etc.

Put It Into Practice:

Now, as you have made your home cleaning schedule and decide on the days to clean certain rooms, its time to put your cleaning schedule into practice. Practicing as per schedule, in fact, makes cleaning chores a lot less burdensome and life even easier.