Our leading ideas for choosing the right window treatment

Who would have thought to choose window treatments could be so challenging! Roller blinds, drapes, shutters, Venetians, roman, panels, and curtains.

I recently needed to choose window treatments for our brand-new house and discovered the decision entirely intimidating– it was like the window saga all over again!

Knowing a lot of you are presently developing or renovating for your dream house. It is a decision you’ll need to make soon, and I thought it would be handy to talk about the various alternatives offered, things to consider, and other helpful ideas, so you [ideally] discover deciding simpler than I did!

  1. Decide on your budge

You may be surprised to find out just how expensive some window treatment alternatives can be! I got a quote for honeycomb blinds throughout my home and choked when I heard the cost!

Your budget might instantly dismiss some window covering choices or make you choose to buy and install the blinds yourself rather than having them installed by the company. I conserved over 50% by measuring and installing our blinds, which I purchased online. The only downside I found purchasing online was that I had to wait a few weeks for my blinds to show up; nevertheless, Buy Blinds Online has faster turnaround times, so there are faster options available.

  1. Decide on your style

Some window treatments better matched to individual interior styles than others. Consider what look you are opting for and research what window treatment best fits the method by looking at sites such as Houzz and Pinterest. The design may also figure out if you choose for face installed or recess fit options.

  1. Get the palette right

Make an effort to request samples or swatches so you can see how they look in your home. If you have crisp white walls, a warm white window treatment might look yellow-colored, and vice versa, if you have warm white walls and utilize a crisp white fabric on your windows, you might discover they look bluish.

Textures and patterns can add interest, so why not ask for a couple of samples outside your comfort zone to see how they search in your house.

  1. Choose the finer information

When you know the alternative you’re going with and the color or surface, it’s time to make all the small choices that can have a huge impact– face mounted or recessed; left or ideal control; chain, cable, cordless or wand control; track color; base rail color… Once again, the research you did into your interior style will help you make these decisions.

  1. Discover a supplier

As I discussed, I saved over 50% of the estimated cost by purchasing my blinds online. Don’t just consider the physical stores in your area when trying to find blinds when there are exceptional online stores that can conserve you huge bucks. For example, Buy Blinds Online ensures to beat any rate, have a solid choice of window treatments, are 100% Australian, and offered guaranteed warranty.