Learning About Your Home’s Circuit Breaker

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Every home has a circuit breaker thug into a visible corner. While it is critical for the safety of your family, few people actually know what exactly a circuit breaker is or may not even be clear on how to operate it. To help, we have written this short article to introduce the highly valuable circuit breaker.

What is a Circuit Breaker?

A breaker is basically a safety mechanism made use of to protect your home or office versus circuit overloads or short circuits. This is taken care of by cutting off the circulation of electricity in your circuit each time current jumps above the safe amount.

At which point, your office or home will undergo a blackout with no appliances connected to their circuit getting any electricity. After this you will be called for to reset the circuit to get electricity streaming once again.

How do Circuit Breakers Function?

2 things need to occur in order for a breaker to perform its function. Firstly, it needs a way of identifying if the amount of current surpasses the safe levels of the circuit. Secondly, a part must exist to shut down electric circulation once this takes place.

How do circuit breakers execute these 2 functions? The response being it depends on the sort of circuit breaker used in your home or office.

Fuse Based Circuit Breakers

As a slim wire, the fuse will heat up and disintegrate when excessive current goes through it. Once the wire is burnt, the circuit ends up being broken meaning that no electric power can go through it. This successfully prevents the excess current from harming any other portion of your home’s circuit electrical wiring.

Electromagnet Based Circuit Breakers

Electromagnet based circuit breakers carry out the exact same function as fuses however can be used repeatedly. Essentially a switch of sorts, this sort of circuit breaker includes a hot cable which is linked to both ends of the switch and to an electromagnet. 

When the current in the circuit jumps to dangerous levels, the electrical energy will sufficiently magnetize the electromagnet. Upon which, the electromagnet will be strong enough to pull down the switch, and removing its link with the circuit. 

Maintaining the Functionality of your Circuit Breaker

Is your circuit breaker tripping repeatedly? Do you not recall when was the last time a professional electrician took a look at your circuit breaker? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then it is high time for you to engage emergency electrician Singapore services. Having an electrician to inspect and service your circuit breaker is critical to ensuring that your home remains protected from potential short circuits and electrical fires.

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