Understanding The Practical Benefits Of Window Dressings

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No office or home can do without the style and beauty that window dressings bring. However, they offer much more than just visual appearances. Instead, they are important for their functional benefits as well. As a curtains and blinds Singapore specialist, we often find that these functional benefits are easily forgotten when consumers shop for their next window dressing. 

As such, in this article, we will be covering 3 practical uses that curtains offer to spaces. We hope that you will bear these in mind and help to inform your purchase decision when shopping for the ideal window dressings for your space.


As humans, we naturally crave privacy, wherein we feel free to take part in activities we like or behave without worry of judgement from the outside. Therefore, to have an open window that allows the public direct vision of your home or office, would naturally make anyone uncomfortable.

This is where a flexible window dressing such as blinds or curtains would do just the trick.This is opposed toputting a permeant and fully opaque item in front of the windows to block it as this will also stop all ventilation to your space. Instead, curtains allow natural air to flow in while also enabling you to still enjoy some natural sunlight depending on the choice of curtain material.

Blocking out Sunlight

If you are a person who enjoys awakening to the audio of birds and all-natural light streaming into your room, you would be familiar with the difficulties of selecting a window dressing that does not overdo and underdo light control.

For example, a dim-out curtain blocks out as much as 80% of light while a blackout curtain can block out 100% of light. As the sun changes position throughout the day, the amount of light that is screened will change. You might be confronted with a situation where your space may either come to be too bright or too dark.

How then can you find an effective solution for your window? Beyond trying every single curtain available on the market, you can instead rely on a combination of curtain materials to achieve your desired results. In particular, using a combination of window dressings in the form of day and night curtains or blinds is an incredible way to achieve this.

When you want more natural sunlight to stream into your space, you can use day curtains that offer a semi-permeable solution. While sunlight will be still be able to enter your home, it will not be exponentially increasing the temperature of your space or overly exposing the happenings in your space. In contrast, when you want total darkness for your sleep time, a night curtain would block out much more light, allowing you to get a nice sleep in.