DIY for Installing the Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

Having a big home with rooms that don’t stay warm in the winter season is a big issue. Some people have a central heating system but can’t adjust it to warm the room, in such situations, consider an electric heater. An electric heater with the thermostat can be easily mounted in walls, floors, or beside baseboards. This is a good option for warming up your home even in the cold season. Undoubtedly, electric heaters are quite expensive compared to gas heaters, but the installation equipment is less expensive. The electric heaters are for auxiliary heat and are not the primary source.

It is better to place the heater on a setback thermostat that automatically turns on when you are using the room. If you don’t want to spend huge money buying a wall mounted electric heater, try DIY, which is quite interesting. Here in this article, we will learn about running a separate circuit to the main panel instead of using a portable heater.

  1. Find the cable route to placing the heater.

Firstly, find out a place to place the heater and thermostat on the outside wall. You need to push around 12 inches of wire through the ceiling drywall above the thermostat and heater location.

  1. Start drilling throughout the top plate.

To place the top wall places and coat hanger wire, you need to push away the insulation. Drill a hole in the center of the top place at thermostat and heater location.

  1. Make a hole for the heater.

Use a stud finder to place the wall studs and make a hole for the heater. Screw a 2×4 block of 12 inches to the drywall from different sides of the opening. Note: Don’t cut a big hole first and cut a small hole and check the wires before cutting a big hole.

  1. Run the electrical wires with thermostat

Each installation is different, therefore make a plan to route the first circuit. Find a place in the wall to mount the heater. Place the studs and make sure there is space between them. Read the instructions from the manufacture and verify the consent in the region of the heater. Place the thermostat left from the hot air.

  1. Wire and install the heater

Install a cable clamp and a strip of covering from the cable. Push the cable and can into the stud hole and tie up the can to the frame with four screws. Strip insulation from the end of the wire and connect the white and black tapped wires using wire connectors. Make the connection and make sure the cable is secure and don’t get out.

  1. Run cables to thermostat and major panel

Make a hole for the remodeling switch box through drywall saw. Tape the heater cable going to the main panel. Drill a hole through the top plate and reach through switch box hole and pick out the cable.

  1. Connect the wires

Now connect the cable wires from major panel to heater thermostat’s line wires. Connect two bare floor wires and slide the thermostat inside it.