How To Pick The Best Design For Your Automatic Gate At Home

Automatic gates provide convenience and added safety to residential properties. When you have a discussion with an automated gate company, Santa Monica, California, you’ll know more about the advantages these gates offer.

If you’re decided to switch from the traditional gate to its modern counterpart, you now have to choose which design best fits your home. In this article, we’re rounding up eight tips to help you out.

Know your space. The space around your house should be able to accommodate the design you want for your gate. Do you have enough space for your desired double swing gate? Do you have enough room for a gate that swings inward or outward without being an inconvenience? Accurately measuring your premises is essential in designing your dream automated gate.

Decide which type of automatic gate you’ll install. The main categories of automatic gates are swing and sliding. The former helps make residential homes more stylish, however, they require more space. Also, more information is needed before they can be installed (e.g. Dimension and weight). The latter is more customizable and flexible. Nonetheless, you still have to have an ample narrow channel for the gate to slide across properly.

Choose your materials wisely. When you work with an automated gate company, Santa Monica, California, one of the things they have to know is your material preference (which can also affect your gate’s design). Wood is heavier but evokes a warmer look. Though more costly than aluminium, steel is durable and perfect if you want a sleek look.

Match it with your home’s exterior. Your gate is one of the most obvious features of your home’s exterior. Hence, its design and appeal should complement the existing look of your exterior — unless, you’re doing an exterior renovation and adding an automated gate coincides with this home improvement project.

Don’t forget about safety. When thinking of your dream automated gate design, you should never forget to incorporate safety. For instance, your gate should have a positive stop at its fully open position. You should also bear in mind that no gate receiver hardware should protrude out into the opening.

Consider adding extra features. While the design is important, you should also turn your focus on added functionality. Do you want to equip your gate with a surveillance system? Do you want to be able to control it from a mobile device? Do you need a separate entrance for pets and individuals?

Think of its maintenance. When designing gates, an automated gate company, Santa Monica, California also considers ease of maintenance in mind. The electrical components of the gate should be kept safe from pests like rodents and reptiles. Clients should also be informed about how frequent lubrication can be.

Seek professional advice. Automated gates, though more expensive than traditional ones, offer several perks. To make sure you’re on the right track — from the design to the material choice — it’s strongly recommended to get help from experts in the field. They will be able to give honest and professional advice and help you keep your expenses worth-it.

At Intelegates, we help make your property more secure while adding a good dose of convenience for your family. If you’re looking for a reputable automated gate company, Santa Monica, California, contact us today!