Is Compressed Air Treatment Important?

The quality of the compressed air is essential depending on the activity for which you use the air compressor. In this article, we will explain why compressed air treatment is necessary and how vital Fluid-Aire Dynamics is.

Instrumental Components To Provide Clean, Dry And Fresh Compressed Air

So, what is compressed air treatment? It is a group of components of the compressed air system that are responsible for cleaning and drying the air compressor so that it meets the required standards of the application to which it is intended.

There are standards such as ISO 8573.1 for the quality of compressed air depending on its type of service. These check the amount of dirt, moisture and oil that remains in the compressed air after its treatment. These components are:

1. Moisture Separator

This component is usually installed directly after the cooler. Using a cyclone that rotates the compressed air, this centrifugal movement directs the water droplets out of the device where the water can easily separate from the compressed air.

2. Drain Valves

They come in many variations and are required equipment in all compressed air systems, which often have five or more drain valves. They are found at the bottom of all compressed air tanks, in filters, compressed air dryers, moisture separators and also in piping systems.

These components, which can be manually or automatically operated, are crucial to removing any type of contaminant from the compressed air system.

3. Filters

These components remove dirt and oil from the compressed air system. The level at which you need to have clean compressed air determines the degree of filtering that is required.

It is common to see that filters are used in different categories to achieve a high level of compressed air cleanliness. These are often called by names that indicate their position in the system or the level of treatment they provide.

4. Compressed Air Dryers

These components are responsible for removing moisture from compressed air to an appropriate degree so that they can be applied in the use in which it is needed. The level at which the dryness of compressed air is measured is called the dew point.

This measurement shows us the level at which compressed air must dry to meet specific applications. There are different types of compressed air dryers available. When designing your system, ask yourself; what is the required compressed air quality? Thus, you can choose the best components properly.