What Is The Thermostatic Valve Used For?

Today, we are all tempted to use less energy-consuming household equipment to reduce our electricity bills. Also, we protect the environment, hence the interest in using ecological devices to limit the consequences of global warming.

Among the crews to be changed, we have the thermostatic shower or bath tap, which replaces the classic tap which consumes more heating energy. Recent installations are fortunate to be equipped with a thermostatic valve with its incorporated water radiator. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this device!

An Economical Faucet to Reduce Your Bill

The thermostatic faucet is a solution to lower your bill, and it may be important to ask the plumber for it when you are building your home. Indeed, it is composed of a radiator allowing to regulate the water flow of the temperature of the room.

It can stop, decrease or increase the flow of hot water depending on other factors and devices (solar panel, equipment, a gathering of people). Also, it is equipped with an intelligent system so as not to overheat rooms where there is nobody. Thus, it plays an important role in regulating energy consumption.

Equipment to Be Installed During the Renovation

When you renovate your home, look in an architect directory to find your architect who will help you with the renovation and consider replacing your old equipment with new green appliances.

For your heating, it is better to install thermostatic valves to have a return on investment. The installation of such equipment requires the intervention of a plumber or a company specializing in real estate or sanitary construction.

How Does The Thermostatic Valve Work?

Its operation is not complex. Belimo valves act under the effect of different temperature variations in the house. The temperature-sensitive probe expands depending on the ambient temperature, and then a regulation mechanism is triggered to vary the water flow.

With new technologies, we are witnessing an era where wireless is used more. Today, there are heating control systems designed to manage your wireless thermostatic valves.

Final Words

The thermostatic valve is a very important aspect and equipment of plumbing. Its importance can’t be overrated as it helps in many ways. It helps reduce your electricity bills and also helps you utilize the most out of your supplied energy. We hope this content has helped shed some light on the benefits of this tool. Happy reading!