What to Consider When Fixing a Tent to the Ground

When someone asks how to fix a tent to the ground, it is not always easy to give a definite reply. This is because the answer is not as simple as you might think; it all depends on the type of American tent.

The type of terrain where it is being installed is also another factor. Therefore, to be clearer about how to fix a tent to the ground, we will comment on the most important aspects.

1. Tent Type

Except for the pavilion-type tents which are fixed or semi-permanent installation tents, the rest are designed for specific events. This means that they are not designed to be installed continuously. That doesn’t mean they can’t hold out. 

People buy folding car tents or removable tents for bar terraces, and they have been fixed without problems. But technically they are tents for specific uses. Therefore, we will have to take this into account if we want to give them a different use than they were designed for.

2. What Is The Floor Like?

A good anchor depends on a firm ground. If we want to nail our tent, the ground has to be hard. Sand or similar soft ground is detrimental to fixing a tent to the ground because they do not support the pikes or studs installed to hold the tent.

To that effect, we must carefully analyze the type of terrain where we mount the tent. If the floor is asphalt or concrete, and we cannot nail, there is another option. Using weights for tents, we can avoid nailing.

3. Use That Will Be Given To the Tent

If you are going to give an elegant party, everything has to go accordingly, including the celebration tent. Therefore, if the terrain allows it, it is recommended that you nail the tent to the ground. 

This fixation is very secure and almost invisible. Thus, your guests will not see heavy ballasts that tarnish the whole.

4. How Long Will It Be Assembled?

If the tent will be installed for many months or even years, we must know because the tent’s fixing to the ground will change radically. For a one-day or weekend event, strategically placed pegs will do the job perfectly. 

But if the tent is to be installed for a long time, it is necessary to use other elements. Here, we refer to expansion plugs, fixing screws, or even concrete blocks. Because if not, we cannot guarantee a secure fixing of the tent.