Helpful Tips for Working with a Removalist

If you have no experience dealing with a removalist in the past, then it is safe to say that you have no clue about essential things you should consider. This is unfortunate as moving all of your family’s stuff to a new home is a huge undertaking. Hence you would want to entrust the task to capable hands.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the crucial things one should consider before working with any removalist service provider. Such information should help ensure that you’ve got all your bases covered. Let’s get right to it!

How much will it cost?

One of the most immediate concerns that you would want to bring up with your prospective removalist is cost. After all, most people have to stick with a limited budget for the move. Hence it’s essential to know that you’re talking to a removalist that’s willing to work around your budget.

Avoid the temptation of choosing the cheapest deal on offer as it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best value. Keep in mind that you’re not merely paying to get your stuff from A to B. You’re paying for convenience, logistical skills and assurance that your property will be delivered safely to your new home. As with most things, you’re paying for quality, and the asking price of Local Removalist generally reflects that.

Removalist’s reputation

As with any service provider, reputation is paramount when choosing a removalist company. In this regard, you would want to ask questions like:

  • How many years have they been in business?
  • Do you have any recommendations or testimonies from previous clients? 
  • Are your trucks marked (branded) and well maintained?
  • Do you offer comprehensive insurance?
  • What mode of transport will you use?

Go through the questions mentioned above with your removalist. If their answers don’t exactly inspire your confidence in them, then you can always take your business somewhere else.

What additional services are on offer?

Before you make any decision on what removalist company to go with, you would want to make sure that you have a clear picture of everything that is on offer. Only then can you make a sound and well-informed decision.

Take into account the possibility that your needs might change in the middle of the move. Is your removalist capable enough to accommodate these changes? 

For instance, you might find that your new home isn’t ready to accommodate some of your stuff. In this case, your removalist might offer a temporary storage solution.

Some of the services that you can expect out of a reputable removalist include the following:

  • Free quotation and consultation services
  • Picking up and delivery of shipping containers
  • Relocation for homes, businesses and offices
  • Specialized transport services for antiques and works of art
  • Removal services — domestic, interstate or overseas
  • Professional packing and unpacking services
  • Supplying moving boxes and containers for DIY packing
  • Providing packaging materials — bubble wrap, paper, cardboard, etc.
  • Moving insurance
  • Temporary storage services
  • Transporting family pets
  • Transporting boats, RVs and other types of vehicles
  • Home cleaning services
  • Custom containers for fragile items
  • Transport tracking services


Indeed the decision of what removalist company isn’t as straightforwards as most people think. As you’ve surely realized, there are many factors to consider and taking them all into account might seem like a hassle. Nevertheless, you can be sure that the effort is well worth it as it helps ensure that your property will reach your new home/place of business in one piece.