Creating A West Indies Motif for Your Kitchen

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A lot of people nowadays are looking to renovate their old and boring kitchens, and we have the solution right here! West Indies types of kitchens are not only unique in design but are very creative and natural-looking. It can be customized to fit whatever the customer wants while still keeping that same West Indies theme. So, where did this trend come from? The term “West Indies” came from a group of Caribbean islands discovered by Christopher Columbus, one of the great explorers in history.

In terms of kitchen design, this theme is a unique blend of tropical cultures from the Caribbean, South, and Southeast Asia, Africa, and China combined with some European influence. More people have begun to adopt this type of kitchen because of its stunning look and overall natural feel. To make your kitchen get that West Indies look and motif, start by adding furniture with tropical carvings and artistic poetry. Furniture with carvings can really add to your kitchen’s overall aesthetic, and plants can add a natural effect.

You can then choose a brown color palette. Cherrywood and Mahogany are commonly seen in these types of kitchens,but you can also try other vibrant wooden colors. Kitchen remodeling in Lake Forest can help you figure out the best type of wood for your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are highly customizable now, and choosing tropical-styled cabinetry will fit right into your West Indies theme. Providers of your kitchen cabinet in Anaheim can help you set this up in your kitchen. Lastly, to get that West Indies feel and vibe, try installing a granite countertop.

To learn more about how you can create a West Indies motif for your kitchen, check out this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care, your home for all the best kitchen cabinets and designs. 

How to Create a West Indies Kitchen