4 tips to decorate small room with wooden furniture

Is your room small and still needs more than one room? Decorating small spaces can be very challenging, and many questions may arise: Will the furniture I want fit? Will you be comfortable? What can I do to not look cramped? Rest assured, there are many decoration tricks that will help you make better use of the space and give the feeling of spaciousness to your small room. With our tips, you can transform your small room into a pleasant, practical and welcoming place.

Choose the furniture well

Before buying furniture from the best rosewood dining set, make sure it fits in your space. Take measurements of the environment and plan where each piece of furniture will be. Remember: in a small room, less is more. So, choose the furniture you really need. Choose smaller furniture or use creative solutions. Change your 6-seater table to a 4-seater table, use charming chairs instead of armchairs. Even if you don’t give up on having a spacious sofa, you can opt for a smaller model without arms. 

Avoid overloading the look

Large prints, dark colors and heavy fabrics tend to make the environment look smaller. They are not prohibited; of course you can use something here and there. Just avoid them in every decoration, especially on larger surfaces, such as wallpaper, curtains and carpet. On the other hand, light colors and discreet prints help to make the decor lighter and the environment more spacious. Bet on them for your small room that has no mistake.

Watch out for decoration pieces

When choosing the decoration pieces for your small room, be careful with the proportions. That stylish chandelier that you saw on the Internet, for example, can become a chore in your space. Pictures are also dangerous: if you are in doubt, stick a paper with the dimensions of the frame on your wall, to make sure it is not too big. A nice tip is to exchange pieces that take up space for smaller or suspended ones. The floor lamp can become a wall sconce, a large vase can be exchanged for several vases scattered around the environment. 

Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect the environment and give the impression that it is bigger. So they are a great trick to enlarge small rooms, and even help with decorating. Prefer wider mirrors, which will reflect a larger space. The frameless rectangles that line the wall are a good choice, but the round ones with discreet frames also give a nice effect. But be careful not to overdo it, you could end up turning your room into a maze of mirrors. Start with a plan of the environment, even if schematic. Put all the measures and think about the occupation of spaces.