Are you remodelling your bathroom? If yes, then you need a good bath fitter or a bathroom contractor to do the job. Here are a few ways to find a good professional to install your bathroom fitting:

1st Option: I always tell people to start with friends and family. These are the people you know and trust. See if one of them is a contractor who can do the job for you. Or ask them if they know anyone they could recommend. It is very possible that they have used a bath fitter in the past and liked this person. It is also possible that they have a friend or a family member who is a bath fitter. So always start by asking your friends and family. 

2nd Option: Next, you can ask the company that you purchased your bath fittings from. Most companies that sell bath fittings usually have a team of their own who can come and remodel your bathroom. And since they are in a long-term business you know they will not cut corners and risk a bad reputation so you can trust them and hire them. If they do not have a team of their own, they will surely know a good contractor who they can recommend to you.

3rd Option: Go to a hardware store in your neighbourhood and speak with the manager or floor in charge. Once again, they may have a team of their own or at least know someone good for the job. 

4th Option: Finally, you can go to Google and type: “bathroom remodelling Elwood”. You will see a list of bath fitters show up in the search results. Take your time to read their reviews. Short list a few, call them, discuss your project, and ask for a quote. Then hire the one you like and who offers the best terms.