5 Things to do As You Settle into Your New Home in Santa Fe

As the capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe is a historically populated area and is even a UNESCO Creative Cities Network recognized metropolis. The city is relatively less congested than other megacities in the US — which is why if you’ve decided to move here for an urban-lite experience you’ve made the right choice!

Settling in can be a difficult and disconcerting experience and can look different for everyone. We’ve compiled a concise list of things for you to as you settle and get comfortable in your Santa Fe home. 

Add Some New Elements Immediately

If you’re the kind of person who likes your home looking good with your own personal touch — the first thing to do is get some new fixtures installed. Most older homes often need some revamping where the entryways and windows are concerned. 

Get rid of the traditional wood and screen doors and add some minimalistic contemporary iron doors instead. Start fromwrought iron entry doors with intricate detailing and move on to sturdy plain steel frame doors with square panes, for a more crisp, flawless interior design look. 

Set Up Your Functional Rooms 

No matter where you’re moving, the best way to get your house functional is to set up the functional rooms first. Never mind how the living room or the hallway looks for a couple weeks, you need to get your bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen functional immediately.

This means going on an extensive grocery shopping spree, which is a fun way to incorporate locally grown and manufactured items into your new home. Welcome all of the Mexican American fusion food into your home to get a taste of local produce and cuisine. 

Get Some Local Design Inspiration

One way to settle into the city is to get out of the house and get some sightseeing done. The Santa Fe Plaza, Palace of the Governors and the Fiesta de Santa Fe are must-see places for some design inspiration. The Georgia O’ Keefe Museum is also built in a sandy Adobe-style building for anyone looking to be wowed artistically and architecturally. 

From Hacienda homes to South West properties, going home window shopping will also give you a feel for the kind of New Mexico native home design features found in the area. 

Get Comfortable

Try cozying up in your living room, on the porch or your backyard to truly settle in. We find that unless you’ve spent a few vacation days lazing around the house, you’re not going to feel like you truly belong. 

Take advantage of the cool Fall season air and take an afternoon nap in a hammock or cook an expansive brunch for you and your family to eat on the patio. New Mexico is all about the outdoor spaces.

Take Up A Small Remodel Project

Choose a location in your home and transform it to match your tastes to get your home to really feel like you. Your patio and backyard space are the perfect option for this. Get some landscaping done and divvy up the space for a garden and paved area. 

With some bricked flooring, a small barbecue pit or bonfire and a set of classic French iron doorsto open the space you can have an amazing open floor plan design for your enjoyment.

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About the Author 

The author is a senior design artist and business strategist at Pinky’s Iron Doors. He likes to write lifestyle and interior design pieces in his spare time.