Often people do not understand the importance of having a roof maintained properly. This is more so the case when it comes to your home or building having a flat roof in Colchester. Mould formation, dust, debris, and other aspects can seriously harm your roof. 

Moreover, if these were not enough you would also have to be worried about the wear and tear the roof goes through. Different seasons bring in different challenges for your roof which you should understand. This is why maintaining your roof is very important. 

Contacting a flat roof Colchester company may be a good idea for you to begin with. They can guide you towards the steps to take in maintaining your roof. If your roof is damaged or not maintained they can also help you with the process of restoration or replacement. 

Types of Flat Roofs

In the first place you would have to understand that not all roofs are the same. They can essentially be made with different materials and be of different stature too. This means the process required to maintain each of them may vary to a great extent. 

Some of the common types flat roofs used in Colchester are as follows: 

  • Single Ply
  • Tiles
  • Lead
  • Green Roof Systems
  • GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic
  • EDPM also known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
  • RBMs or Reinforced Bitumen Membranes
  • Structural Deck
  • Asphalt

Ideally, if you contact a flat roof Colchester company, they might want to know your roof type first. This is why it might be a better idea to ask them to visit your place, assess the roof, and provide you with a quote based on the type of roof and work required to be done.

Roof Replacement

This is usually something a flat roof Colchester company might suggest you if there is extensive damage. When your roof is beyond repair or restoration you might have no other choice than to go for a complete replacement which is done by these companies.

Roof Restoration

If your roof does not have any damage or only has superficial damages you can choose to have it restored. This process involves cleaning of the roof and having it repainted by the flat roof Colchester company. It is cheaper and faster to have it done at your home. 

Roof Maintenance

These companies can also help you with regular or annual maintenance of your roofing. Maintenance often is not just restricted to cleaning but also sealing or painting if necessary. Most companies that offer roofing would ensure they provide you with a complete package.