Bathroom renovations St Kilda, Ideas to keep it Senior Friendly

Are you considering bathroom renovations for seniors or older adults, it must be effective, regardless of whether it is faucets, toilets, or the bath or shower tub. It has to focus on safety. Hiring a bathroom renovations St Kilda contractor is a must to get a senior-friendly bathroom. The renovations should help the elderly stay independent.

A few options are:

Installation of lever faucets

Having a lever faucet is helpful. It prevents turning and twisting that may be difficult. You can look for different styles of lever faucets that allow foot operating. It is good to ask a professional to deal with bathroom renovations in St Kilda than making any changes by yourself.

Shower-head sprayer attachment.  

A showerhead allowing detaching and using its holding in hand ensures easy bathing. It eliminates the standing time while showering. It is a bonus for seniors having standing problems. A showerhead featuring a sprayer allows seniors to sit and shower.

Install grab bars and rails

It is a cost-effective and easy way to ensure your bathroom is senior-friendly. The grab bars and rails installation help if you place it in the shower area, near the bathtub and the toilet. The seniors will be comfortable in using the toilet and the bathroom. It helps the caregiver, as well. You can install the grab rails and bars by yourself if you have some installing skills. If not, hire professional bathroom renovations at St Kilda to get a perfect installation. 

Raise the toilet height.

Raising to a height of three inches is not much to do, but it makes a lot of difference to your seniors. Raising the height is possible in simple options. Or, on the existing toilet, place another thick toilet seat or replace the old toilet by installing a new toilet featuring comfortable height. 

Non-slip bath rugs and mats.

Preventing falls is very important. You may place in the shower a non-slip mat. It prevents seniors from falling. A non-slip rug outside the shower is again helpful in preventing falls or slip after the shower. A low-cost option is a non-slip tape for tub bottoms and shower pans.

Walk-in bathtubs and Curbless showersMost seniors have difficulty lifting their legs. Placing a curbless shower works like a lifesaver. The transition to a shower seat from a wheelchair becomes easy for both the caregiver and the senior. Adding a walk-in-bath tub is an added option. It features a built-in seat. There are different options to install a walk-in bathtub or a curbless shower. You can always get a pre-fabricated unit and install it or get it designed as per your requirement and hire a bathroom renovations St Kilda professional to do the installation.