Different Types Of Cooktops For Your Kitchen

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Whether you prepare meals from time to time or are an aspiring chef, there are many cooktop options. From the traditional gas to the electric and energy-efficient induction cooktops, look for a cooktop that works for your culinary needs as well as your budget. Cooktops have dramatically helped change the way homeowners design their kitchens nowadays. 

There is a wide range of kitchen appliances and cooktops options for you to choose from. It can give you the ability to find cooktops equipped with special features, such as:

  • Smooth tops
  • Grills
  • Various configurations of burners

These are features that a cooktop you might be looking for. As a buyer, you have plenty of options to choose from. For you to know them, you must learn the different types of cooktops. 


Types of cooktops

Cooktops come in 3 different types, namely:

  1. Gas cooktops. Consider this type of cooktop when you are looking for superior cooking power and heat. It is a preference for a serious home chef because it offers high temperatures and adjustable controls needed for efficient and fast cooking. The unit uses an open flame to reach high heat fast. The gas cooktop’s designs vary in many different unit features. A power burner is designed to reach the max temperatures quickly and simmer the burner for a more delicate controlled heat. 

Furthermore, a lot of the best premium gas cooktops feature commercial-grade components that allow cooking restaurant-quality meals at the comfort of your home. A gas top is an excellent addition to almost any kitchen. Take note, a gas cooktop requires a proper gas connection for the power. If you have a kitchen that doesn’t have a fit gas line, consider buying another model. 

  1. Electric cooktops. If your top concern is consistent temperature control, go for an electric cooktop. The burners are heated with electricity. The unit doesn’t require a gas connection. It is generally easier to install compared to its gas counterparts. 

The traditional electric cooktops feature a coil burner. The burner provides a precise temperature each time it is used. The electric settings ensure consistency. A lot of homeowners are enjoying this type of cooktop. 

  1. Induction cooktops. It is a type of cooktop that provides you exceptional heat control, premium cooking power, and added safety. It uses electromagnetic energy for cooking food. The flat ceramic surface is creating a magnetic field that reacts for the cookware with iron, magnetic stainless steel, or iron bottoms. Vibration is created from the heat for you to cook foods. It heats up much faster than the electric cooktops, which offers superior temperature control. It significantly reduces the risk of kitchen fires or burning as it produces heat when cookware touches the surface.  

Any of these types of cooktops are a good choice as long as it is suitable for your kitchen area. If you are looking for quality kitchen appliances and cooktops, choose from the different types of cooktops.