How Is Laminate Flooring Different from Other Traditional Flooring?

Today, unlike the days of the past, people are paying more and more attention to the flooring of their house. Good flooring is bound to increase the resale value of your house. Besides that, it is going to add to the aesthetics and comfort of your place. In such a case, you must get the best flooring possible.

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Pros and cons of laminate flooring

Choose flooring option for your home is a difficult task as the market is mired with different types of floorings available. One of the preferred types of floorings is laminate flooring. The concept of lamination on the flooring came up almost a decade ago. This type of flooring has gathered popular support due to the enhancement in technology. 

Here is a set of pros and cons of the laminate flooring:

a- Pros

1- Affordable- the laminate flooring is a very cost-effective choice as compared to the other types of flooring available in the market. It is a bang for the buck. 

2- Extreme resilience – the material used in this type of flooring is timber this means that they are naturally very resistant to the normal wear and tear that the flooring is expected to undergo. The colour and pattern of the flooring would easily withstand the UV rays too. 

3- Beautiful – the laminate floorings have a unique pattern on them which makes every other flooring different and beautiful. 

4- Easy maintenance- the laminate flooring required minimal maintenance. If there are any spills or marks on the floor, they can be easily wiped up with the help of a cotton fibre cloth. 

5- Easy to install- the laminate flooring is much easier and less time-consuming to install. Within a few hours, the task of flooring will be complete and you can re-enter the house as usual. 

b- Cons

1- Refinishing is not possible- since this type of flooring is designed against wearing, then refinishing is not possible in this flooring. 

2- Not moisture-proof- this type of flooring is highly unfavourable for the bathrooms as it is not moisture-proof. 

3- Noisy- this floor will make some noise when you walk on it. 


The type of flooring depends on the taste of the individual along with the priorities and the type of place where the flooring is being installed.