The 5 Elements Of Defensive Driving

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Defensive driving principles are intended to prevent dangerous circumstances. By following the 5 principles listed below, drivers can dramatically reduce road or highway hazards, even under extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather, speed bumps such as speed bumps San Jose or when other drivers make mistakes on the road.

1 – Respect The Law

This tip shouldn’t even need to be given so importantly. Respecting traffic regulations is one of the most important elements of defensive driving. After all, good practices such as driving below the road’s speed limit, stopping entirely at traffic lights, and following correctly in the carriageway are more than rules.

The logic itself already gives clues that these postures increase traffic safety. Following them is the first line of defense and protection against traffic accidents.

2 – The Three Seconds Rule

The Three Seconds Rule concerns the distance the driver must keep from the vehicle in front. It means that, instead of thinking about space when measuring distances, the conductor must know how to convert space into time. It takes us 1.5 seconds to notice any object that could be dangerous for us and another 1.5 seconds to react and stop our vehicle. Therefore, we need to count three seconds between our vehicle and the vehicle in front of us.

3 – Reduce Distractions

If accident prevention is the primary goal of defensive driving, reducing distractions is one of the most important ways to prevent accidents. There are basic precautions such as not using your cell phone behind the wheel, positioning the GPS so that you do not have to take your eyes off the road, and guaranteeing the other passengers that there will be no disturbances and changes inside the vehicle during the journey.

4 – Stay Away From The Stressors

Avoiding aggressive drivers is always a good idea. Road rage is unfortunately quite common, but engaging in ego disputes and aggressive behavior in traffic is often the formula for tragedy. Letting yourself be influenced by the anger of others and getting into a dispute is an irresponsible and dangerous act. This is criminal behavior. We know well how it ends up. Therefore, when you find a stressed driver, the best thing to do is to slow down and let them go.

5 – Make Sure You Are Seen

The worst thing a driver can do while driving is to assume that all other drivers are driving safely or that they see the presence of other vehicles. Defensive driving involves the driver’s attention to ensuring that other drivers around him see him. The driver needs to allow others to anticipate his movements and know he is nearby.